How SpaceX Has Changed The Game


Before SpaceX began knocking down accomplishment after accomplishment in domino-like fashion, the westernized world’s aerospace industry’s economic drivers largely consisted of government programs like the United States government’s NASA.

Future implications for the aerospace industry


  Aerospace is a dynamic and exciting sector to be a part of, and as it grows rapidly, that excitement is only growing.  New and innovative developments are constantly occurring at unbelievable rates, and keeping up with these innovations as they “fly by” can be tough.  There are many different trends influencing the aerospace industry, […]

Drones and the law

Darrell Kindley, drones and the law

Drones have emerged as a versatile and progressive form of technology. Typically controlled from a faraway distance, these flying machines range in size and have been implemented in war zones and restaurants alike. Furthermore, drones are no strangers to the law enforcement world. In fact, both Canada and the United States have already made use […]

Technology for Space Debris


Space debris is an increasingly worrisome issue. It collects in Earth’s orbit and has the ability to travel over 17,000 miles per hour, meaning it can inflict serious damage on any satellite or spacecraft traveling into space from Earth. Space debris is made up of both manmade and meteoroid particles, however much of the debris […]

Aerospace Goes Batty


The aerospace industry is made up of many moving parts, most having to do with large drones and human-operated vehicles. However, there is another sector of this industry that involves Micro Air Vehicles (or MAVS.) These are tiny electronic devices that are capable of surveying a foreign environment in the most covert way possible. They […]