5 Possible Reasons for Runaway Planes

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Air travel is considered amongst the safest methods of getting from one place to another. Though they are rare, there might be circumstances in which airplanes go out of control. Here are 5 reasons a runaway plane might occur. Reckless Antics By Pilots Airplanes are intricate machines that necessitate proper operations at all times. Executing […]

How To Become An Air Force Pilot

Darrell Kindley

The movie “Top Gun,” which starred Tom Cruise, romanticized the life of a military pilot. However, not all pilots fly jet fighter planes. They may be responsible for reconnaissance missions, fly tanker or transport planes.

The most influential pilots of all time


It takes a vast amount of knowledge, skill, and quick thinking to be involved in the aviation industry, and pilots are clearly no exception. The best pilots are expected to embody these three characteristics if they hope to keep themselves and their passengers safe during flight, or if they hope to stay alive in combat. […]