The Future of Space Travel

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Since the shuttle missions ended in 2011, some might think that space exploration was put on the back burner. However, there are many projects underway in hopes of venturing to asteroids and Mars. Some predict that by 2060, astronauts will finally be able to land on the red planet.

There Is Water On Mars! What Does This Mean?

Darrell Kindley

With the recent reports that there is water on the planet Mars, it has gotten the attention of many people. Scientists, philosophers, and the general public are also curious about what this means. This article will talk about the discovery of water on the red planet and what it means for the understanding of our planetary neighbor.

Race to Mars: Privatized or NASA?

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Mankind has dreamed of setting foot on Mars for more than a century, and humanity is finally getting close to reaching that goal. Every new technology is another step down the path to Mars, and we’re sure to make it to the end eventually. The only thing that is in question is whether the first […]