Important People in Aerospace History

Aerospace and aeronautics are integrally connected. Astronauts pass through the atmosphere prior to space travel. Atmospheric reentry is one of the most challenging aspects of rocketry and aeronautical vehicular research. This is the reason why a discussion about the most important people in aerospace must begin with the Wright Brothers. Neil Armstrong In many eyes, […]

A brief history of spacecraft


  They may be common place in today’s society, but at the time of their advent, spacecraft completely changed the face of human accomplishment. These revolutionary flying machines expanded mankind’s scientific perception and literally took it to new heights, giving us access to new planets and regions of space previously though unreachable. To better understand […]

The most influential pilots of all time


It takes a vast amount of knowledge, skill, and quick thinking to be involved in the aviation industry, and pilots are clearly no exception. The best pilots are expected to embody these three characteristics if they hope to keep themselves and their passengers safe during flight, or if they hope to stay alive in combat. […]

The most famous aircraft of all time


Aviation has undergone a constant evolutionary process since the first instances of human flight. To this day, aircraft of all types are subject to change as modern technology and research grows more sophisticated. Along the way, several aircraft have developed an iconic legacy due to being technologically or historically relevant. Each one of these special aircraft […]

The history of air ambulance services


As aviation technology continues to grow more sophisticated, it has become implemented in a variety of industries and services. The medical service industry stands as a major example of modern aircraft’s potential, as both planes and helicopters are now regularly used to transport to and from healthcare facilities and accident scenes. However, air medical services […]