NASA’s Deep Space Habitats


NASA has, since its formation, been focused on exploring the great unknown that is space. Now, they have slightly shifted focus to explore sustainable living in space. The organization is attempting to create places in which space travelers can not only survive for a short period of time, but thrive for a long period of […]

Fuel Price Volatility Gives Aviation Industry More Incentive to Invest in Biofuels


Over the past few years, we’ve seen startling volatility in the price of gas and oil, growing concern about climate change, and a ever-rising demand for air travel. It makes sense that the aviation industry in particular would be feeling the pressure to find new, renewable fuel solutions. While solar, electric, and hydrogen fuels have been developed for many commercial uses, aircrafts […]

GPS-Based Instrument Landing System Debuts in China

darrell kindley

A Chinese Airbus A321 for China Eastern Airlines and a Boeing 737-800 for Shandong Airlines have begun using a ground-based augmentation system (GBAS) built by Honeywell Inc. Both planes have also employed instrument-approach procedures developed by Hughes Aerospace, and have been the first to stage these public demonstrations of this new technology in China. The […]