The Future of Space Travel

Space - Darrell Kindley

Since the shuttle missions ended in 2011, some might think that space exploration was put on the back burner. However, there are many projects underway in hopes of venturing to asteroids and Mars. Some predict that by 2060, astronauts will finally be able to land on the red planet.

How To Become An Air Force Pilot

Darrell Kindley

The movie “Top Gun,” which starred Tom Cruise, romanticized the life of a military pilot. However, not all pilots fly jet fighter planes. They may be responsible for reconnaissance missions, fly tanker or transport planes.

Upcoming Innovations in Air Travel

Plane engines shriek, magnifying your pressure headache to the point that no amount of gum-chewing can help. Your fingernails dig grooves into the armrests–if you have any–when the seatbelt light flips on. The captain comes over the audio system and mumbles something about turbulence. You try to sleep, but between the throbbing in your head, […]