Race to Mars: Privatized or NASA?

Darrell Kindley mars

Mankind has dreamed of setting foot on Mars for more than a century, and humanity is finally getting close to reaching that goal. Every new technology is another step down the path to Mars, and we’re sure to make it to the end eventually. The only thing that is in question is whether the first […]

NASA’s Deep Space Habitats


NASA has, since its formation, been focused on exploring the great unknown that is space. Now, they have slightly shifted focus to explore sustainable living in space. The organization is attempting to create places in which space travelers can not only survive for a short period of time, but thrive for a long period of […]

Thailand Fights for Aerospace Recognition


Thailand has a very lucrative automotive industry, which focuses on production within Thailand and, therefore, is a main catalyst to Thailand’s economy. Now, the country wants to take things a little further in their transportation sphere. More specifically, Thailand is working toward becoming a full service aerospace hub. It wants to be a main player […]

Technology for Space Debris


Space debris is an increasingly worrisome issue. It collects in Earth’s orbit and has the ability to travel over 17,000 miles per hour, meaning it can inflict serious damage on any satellite or spacecraft traveling into space from Earth. Space debris is made up of both manmade and meteoroid particles, however much of the debris […]

Morocco’s Aerospace Innovation

3D Printing

For almost exactly two years, Morocco has been working to boost its economy through industrial avenues. In April of 2014, it adopted an Industrial Acceleration Plan which has a principal focus of quickening work in Morocco’s industrial sector. The plan spans until the year 2020, and continues to create jobs, attract global businesses, strengthen Morocco’s […]