Thailand’s Aviation Industry in Trouble

The United States recently made the decision to lower the safety rating of Thailand’s aviation authority. This decision stemmed from an earlier investigation by the United States Federal Aviation Administration on Thailand’s compliance with safety standards set in place by the United Nation’s International Civil Aviation Organization. Investigators discovered that Thailand’s aviation authority did not […]

Fuel Price Volatility Gives Aviation Industry More Incentive to Invest in Biofuels


Over the past few years, we’ve seen startling volatility in the price of gas and oil, growing concern about climate change, and a ever-rising demand for air travel. It makes sense that the aviation industry in particular would be feeling the pressure to find new, renewable fuel solutions. While solar, electric, and hydrogen fuels have been developed for many commercial uses, aircrafts […]

Aviation Moving Towards Sustainability


In 2012, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) constructed a briefing document for the United Nation Rio+20 conference on Sustainable Development outlining the ICAO’s ongoing commitment to sustainable development in all areas of the aerospace industry. The last fifty years has seen the aviation industry’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact in all aspect of […]

Air Force Wins $21 Million Aerospace Contract


The Air Force Research Laboratory recently awarded the University of Dayton Research Institute $21.6 Million to help with advanced combustion technology. After winning the contract, which runs for eight years. They have been given $40,000 initially and look to resolve problems which have been plaguing the ecosystem for years. The goal of these programs include […]