The history of air ambulance services


As aviation technology continues to grow more sophisticated, it has become implemented in a variety of industries and services. The medical service industry stands as a major example of modern aircraft’s potential, as both planes and helicopters are now regularly used to transport to and from healthcare facilities and accident scenes. However, air medical services […]

Most Famous Airports in America


Denver International Airport: Denver International is the largest airport in the United States, by area. The airport has been listed one of the best in the country, but it’s also the center of a number of controversies. Conspiracy theorists claim the runways were laid out to make a swastika shape, and that various markings in […]

The history of the airship

darrell kindley, history of the airship

Of all the machines that have entered the sky since the advent of human flight, airships remain some of the most unique in both design and functionality. These pill-shaped vessels — blimps, zeppelins, and the like — easily stick out when compared to the common planes and helicopters they share the sky with. Airships are the […]

Drones and the law

Darrell Kindley, drones and the law

Drones have emerged as a versatile and progressive form of technology. Typically controlled from a faraway distance, these flying machines range in size and have been implemented in war zones and restaurants alike. Furthermore, drones are no strangers to the law enforcement world. In fact, both Canada and the United States have already made use […]

The History of the Helicopter


Centuries before humans developed the ability to fly–with the help of machines, of course–men and women around across the globe were fascinated by the idea of a flying vehicle Leonardo da Vinci called the “aerial screw,” or as we know it today, the helicopter. While the technology that powers modern helicopters is only a few […]