A brief history of spacecraft


  They may be common place in today’s society, but at the time of their advent, spacecraft completely changed the face of human accomplishment. These revolutionary flying machines expanded mankind’s scientific perception and literally took it to new heights, giving us access to new planets and regions of space previously though unreachable. To better understand […]

Implications For The Aerospace Industry In 2018


While the aerospace has been occasionally plagued with aircraft shortages, rising fuel prices, and toxic publicity, both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) feel that 2018 could be a turnaround for the industry in more than one area. Read on to learn why many experts feel that 2018 could […]

Rise in revenue: shipping’s busiest season on the ground and in the air


  With fall just around the corner, so many companies are preparing for a rise in revenue as Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Years all drive up their sales. There’s no question that the sales market increases around the holidays, so how can logistics best prepare for the busiest shipping season of the year? […]

Why air cargo saw its biggest increase since 2010


  Today’s world works off of a fast paced scheduled with the convenience of having consumer goods delivered straight to their door– in a matter of days. To the air cargo industry’s benefit, this has give demand for logistics to rise. Although there is an ever increasing demand for logistics and transportation, the air cargo […]

How retail and technology benefit from air cargo


The nature of the air cargo industry offers speed and flexibility for global trade, making it fast and efficient to transport products and goods on an international scale. The top two priorities of any industry in terms of sales are speed and efficiency – which is just what air cargo has to offer. So what […]