Darrell Kindley – Aerospace

Darrell Kindley is proven leader with over 30 years of experience in the global aerospace and defense industry. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Darrell is considered to be a notable and experienced business executive. As a team leader, he has driven shareholder value and business growth through strategic planning, unparalleled execution and cementing of key customer relationships. Darrell works with organizations to maintain and improve margins in both growing and declining market conditions. He is experienced and successful in managing turn-around organizations and complex programs. A University of Dallas MBA graduate and Valedictorian at DeVry Institute of Technology, Darrell Kindley is well educated and experienced in executing all phases of complex program and product development activities.

20150419_112232Darrell Kindley started his career as a test engineer for Singer Link Flight Simulation Division near Houston, Texas.  There he developed and executed test procedures for customer acceptance of aircraft simulators including fixed wing fighters and helicopters.  This experience gave him a significant amount of seat time in the F-16 simulator where he learned the operational details of the complex avionics system and the entire weapon system.  Darrell Kindley then joined Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in Fort Worth, Texas (originally General Dynamics Fort Worth) where the F-16 was designed and built, and spent the next 18 years working various fighter and trainer programs as a product manager and systems engineer.  The key focus areas for Darrell at Lockheed Martin included: product development and integration, building successful teams, managing extremely technical and programmatically challenging programs, and supporting key international business development campaigns.

Darrell Kindley then worked at Bell Helicopter in Fort Worth as the Air Vehicle Director of a large military helicopter development program.  This program was Darrell’s first introduction to the U.S. Army Aviation customer and it’s Program Executive Office (PEO), and it was an extremely positive and learning experience.  Some of Darrell Kindley’s best business relationships were formed during this timeframe of his career.

Darrell Kindley went on to work for FLIR Systems as Vice President of Program Management and eventually as the General Manager of the Boston Operations.  Here Darrell developed strategic relationships with various international, USMC, US Army and DoS customers.  He also gained immense knowledge of managing a P&L and a complete set of functional organizations.  Darrell was extremely successful at improving gross margins and achieved an operating income of over 32% on $175M in revenues during a declining market.

Darrell has now taken these experiences and achievements to Apache Enterprises, LLC where he is the President.  He has successfully turned around this small aerospace lighting and structures company to be  very profitable entity by bringing new customers and new products to the market. He also serves as the President & CEO of Ace Aeronautics, LLC.

Darrell Kindley has been constantly recognized for his work in avionics systems, subcontract management, systems engineering, program management, business development and executive management. His rapid ability to learn and adapt is what puts him ahead in the industry and what allows Darrell Kindley to remain notable in the corporate world.